(Y): Children Rain Boots Cover Waterproof Non-Slip Shoe Cover Silicone Thickened Wear-Resistant Sole Rain Shoes Women’s Rainproof Rain Boots Booties Men


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About pre-sales issues



1: about how many batches, mixed batch supported? Is there a limit on the amount? How to calculate the freight?
All products are OK according to minimum order quantity of the page, the amount is not limited! Mixed Batch supported! Alipay transactions are supported! We have stated the weight of each product. The freight system will automatically calculate the freight when ordering. Basically, the shipping fee will prevail. Some products will have a slight weight error. If you have any questions, please contact customer service in time.


2: Are all colors sent randomly when shipping? Can I choose a style?

Regarding the style and color, if the product has a choice of style and color classification, you can order it according to the style and color classification. Remarks are not accepted, and the product will be shipped according to your order. If there is no style and color classification, the goods are delivered randomly when they are distributed. If you have special requirements, you can note the style or color (there is a column to note when you place an order together, write the item number and style, for example, Y1: Black), we will try our best to help you match it as required, but if you lack color and style, we will send it to you randomly, if the color or style does not match, it will not be returned or exchanged. Please forgive me! Do not order if you mind.


3: Are the products on the shelves available? What if there is a shortage?
All our products are sold in stock, and the products that can be ordered are available on the page. Please feel free to buy them. Due to the large variety of products, the daily sales volume is relatively large, and very few products are out of stock due to their failure to be removed in time. Please understand that you will refund the products that are out of stock or not delivered at that time, after receiving the goods, please contact customer service in time to handle it. We don’t have any notice here. Please fill in and write “agree with the seller” when applying for a refund “, if you apply for a refund and write” not delivered as agreed or false delivery “, no refund will be processed. Thank you for your understanding! Do not order if you mind!


4: I have already paid. When can I deliver the goods and how long can I arrive?
Because the daily shipment volume of the company is relatively large, we will deliver the goods in the order of payment within 24-48 hours after your payment, and the delivery time will be due to distance, the weather is different from the operation procedures of different express delivery companies. Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai usually arrive in 1-2 days, Anhui. Guangdong, Fujian, Shandong, Jiangxi, Beijing, Tianjin are generally 2-3 days, other areas 3-5 days, remote areas 4-7 days. Logistics outside the province is generally 3-7 days!


5: I don’t have Alipay. Can I send money by bank?

We recommend that you use Alipay, which is safe for payment and convenient for future shopping query records. It is really inconvenient to accept bank remittance. Please take a photo of the product before remittance and note that bank remittance is required. It is convenient for us to verify that the goods will be shipped as soon as possible after receiving the payment. Please send your Alibaba account after remittance, the remittance bank and the amount will contact us through Wangwang or mobile phone. We will arrange shipment after checking the payment for goods.

Shopkeeper card number [after payment, please contact us in time, check the address and purchase details, and arrange shipment for you as soon as possible]]

industrial and Commercial Bank: 622208 120800 6196153 Yang Zilin Yiwu, Zhejiang (business friend card)

postal Bank: 622150 338000 1938699 Yang Zilin Yiwu, Zhejiang

construction Bank: 6227 0733 5140 3614 Yang Zilin Yiwu, Zhejiang (settlement pass card)

agricultural Bank: 622848 1078525927278 Yang Zilin Zhejiang JS


about shipment
express delivery is unified at about 5 pm. Orders placed before 5 pm on the same day are usually shipped on the same day, and orders placed after 5 pm will be shipped the next day (in short, we will deliver the goods to you if you want)! We will arrange shipment as soon as possible! I hope you can understand! The courier company we cooperate with is currently YTO Express (if you have high requirements for express delivery, please consult customer service before placing an order, because sometimes we need to change the cooperative Express)




  about after-sales and quality issues
1. Within 7 days after receiving the goods (subject to the date of receipt of the waybill), if any product quality problem is found, please contact the after-sales customer service in time. It will not be accepted within the time limit. The problem product must be packaged completely (please bring your own packaging, do not paste or write directly on the original product outer box, otherwise no refund will be made). For consignment and WeChat suppliers, please accumulate more than 10 kilograms to return the goods. The returned freight shall be borne by our company and returned by ordinary logistics. We refuse to send expensive express delivery and logistics (such as Debon, Jiaji, tiandi Huayu and other well-known logistics), if there is any violation, the freight is paid by yourself, and the qualification of consignment and micro supply is canceled. Hope to understand!


2. Please communicate with the after-sales customer service before returning the goods. Please fill in the after-sales service form in order to track your return and get timely processing.
3. We will try our best to satisfy the customer’s specification of product color or style, but we cannot guarantee it. If the color or style does not match, the product will not be returned or exchanged.
4. In the case of sending goods not sold by our company to our company, we reserve the right to return the goods directly to the customer without handling all the returned goods and the freight shall be borne by the customer.
5. The following conditions cannot be returned or exchanged: A the returned product packaging is damaged or incomplete, and the product accessories or related materials are incomplete; B repair or refit without authorization; C not used or stored according to normal methods; D color and color are not returned or exchanged. Products beyond the after-sales service period. E seasonal products will not be returned after expiration (for example, heating pads of Summer fans in winter).
6. After-sales service is no-frills service of the company. We are willing to provide you with good after-sales service. At the same time, good after-sales service also requires the cooperation of customers. Please read the above instructions carefully before returning or returning goods, do as much as possible according to the above regulations of the company, so as not to affect your after-sales service.
   About logistics
yiwu logistics is directly connected to the whole country. As long as cities above the municipal level basically arrive, county-level cities need transit. After arrival, the logistics will call you, and you need to pick up the goods yourself. Here, we specifically explain. The services of Yiwu logistics company are mixed. I hope you can contact a logistics company by yourself before ordering. The method can be to find it yourself. You can also call 114 to inquire about Yiwu’s local logistics point, find a place near you. Then tell us the logistics phone number in Yiwu and we will help you deliver it to your service point. If you do not have a designated place, we will choose the logistics delivery. If you do not pick up the goods due to problems such as long delivery distance and slow delivery time, if you refuse to sign the goods, please deduct the return freight of the logistics when you refund, and the return freight is also required when the logistics returns, customers who require logistics should choose carefully!


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